Monday, December 6, 2010

Im back from the non-blog grave!

Hey everybody, its me! Im back, sheesh! I've been gone just a little... yeah, a little. I completely forgot about my blog! Its been a few months since I last posted. So lemme' giv ya dah scoop. Im in the beginning of my second quarter in 7th grade, Im in jazz band but i just missed a performance on saturday and i dont think im ready for the trombone. I think ill just have to leave jazz band and stick to my baritone (euphonium) or (mini tuba) or as i like to call it (oversized trumpet turned to its side with 3 keys pointing into the sky that i ride planes in to either california or utah). But lets just stick to baritone. lol.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

King and I

Well, I haven't posted for a while now and i apologize. Ive been kind of busy, getting into a show and all, its sunday, 7th of March. I got back from my rehearsal for the king and I. Ive already met some nice people and figured out how sour sour skittles are (REALLY SOUR! >;{ ). Note to self: sour skittles may cause face seizure or severe twitching. Don't eat. Anyways, life is good. I bought myself an iPod Touch and a case. Im LOVING IT!

Peace out: Jack

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to school, UGH! [time to act sick again ;-) ]

Well, back to school. Dang it. ONE MORE WEEK! JUST ONE MORE! "I don't want to go back!" I feel like a kindergardener on his second day of school! I hope tomorrow i will wake up and it will be Christmas again. That would be nice. OR wake up on the first day of SUMMER! THAT WOULD ROCK!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Skate party

I had a really great time at the skate party. There was a inflatable relay race and slide. I tried rollerblades for the first time. IT WAS SOOO EASY! It was HARDER to fall. I ran a race and lost massively by falling and tripping after getting up again. But besides that, the party was awesome.

Winter break

This is my first blog. Its Saturday, the end of winter break. A few things happened(or are happening) over the break. 1. Christmas, 2. Getting stuck on a steep icy road on Mt. Pilchuck for about three hours, and 3. Im going to a skating party for one of my music director's daughter. She is turning 5. I like skating a lot and hope Im still good at it. I know Im going to enjoy it because a friend from a couple of my previous plays such as "Oliver" and "Willy Wonka jr." will be there. My family is coming along. I hope Im going to have a lot of fun. signing out, Jack